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July 2019
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Ways to Save on Bathroom Renovation

Like all other areas and spaces in your house, the bathroom needs renovation after several years of use. The investment you make in it won’t go to waste because a newly renovated bathroom provides you with improved looks, better feel, and undeniable comfort, not to mention the satisfaction of realising the money you spent somehow had value. However, every homeowner understands that a bathroom renovation will cost a considerable amount of money. It is why some people ignore the signs that improvement is in order.

But the one thing you must recognise is that there are numerous bathroom renovations ideas on a budget. Simply put, there is an opportunity for you to carry on the project without spending thousands of dollars. Listed below are some valuable tips you can follow to be successful in a bathroom renovation with a limited budget.

1 – Find a way to limit the use of tiles.

Tiles are too expensive especially if a contractor will lay it all for you. Thus, to save you money, it is best to limit the amount of tile on your bathroom by only focusing on high-impact areas such as the floors. Installing tiles inside shower stall walls are not that necessary, but if you insist on having those, you could tile one horizontal strip along the wall and paint the rest. With this, you can save some money intended for the tiling. If you are too engrossed on a tile that is artistic and expensive that you want it as an addition in beautifying your bathroom, use it as an accent alongside the cheaper tiles. Aside from it will stand out from the rest, it will also give you an opportunity to save tons of money since you’ll have to use only a few of it here and there.

2 – Save some money by going for affordable countertops.

Do not go for countertops with expensive price tags because you do not need a premium material for the one you need to put in the bathroom. When choosing a countertop for your bathroom, it is essential to consider its colour first. Neutral colours such as tan, brown and light beige are more popular which makes them more expensive. For you to save money, it is best to consider and price out a broader swath of colours but still ensuring that it will suit the beauty of your bathroom.

3 – Work with a pro.

You probably think there is no way you can apply bathroom renovations ideas on a budget if you hire someone else to do it for you; but the thing is if you work with a professional, it means you have someone who can help you figure out how to work on a renovation based on a tight budget.